Advanced Scuba Diving Skills

Once you have learnt to dive, then there are many other activities or types of diving you can explore. You will earn a certification, further your diving accomplishments and have lots of fun. We have detailed a few examples below, many can be packaged to suit your interests so please contact us for further information.


Deep Diving

Dive to 40m and extend your limits – 4 dive course.
Still not confident with navigating? No idea how to find the boat ? This course is just for you!
Night Diving
If you love night diving then this course will build your confidence-and take away the fear of being able to conduct your own night dives.
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Perfect those buoyancy techniques, improve your control and air consumption – 4 dive course.
Enriched Air Nitrox Dive
Understand how you can extend your dive time by increasing the oxygen content in your tank – this course can be completed in half a day without any diving ! Of course you can dive if you want to !
Underwater Photography
For a creative underwater challenge, this course will also improve your bouyancy.
Search and Recovery
If you have ever wondered how divers find treasures on the ocean floor and bring them to the surface then this is the course for you.
Wreck Diving
Explore a whole different type of diving and learn how to conduct it safely.
The Basics of Technical Diving
A recreational orientation to technical diving. This course is based within recreational limits and is an excellent introduction to technical diving and its methodology.
Technical Taster Dive
Wanna have a shallow dive in all that equipment and learn just a little about technical diving – then this is a fun morning or afternoon.

For further information on more advanced diving follow this link to our technical diving website.

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