Aow Leuk Beach

Snorkeling   Beachside Resort

Aow Leuk Beach is on the south east corner of Koh Tao and one of my favourite places to go swimming and snorkelling. The bay is wide and shallow with colourful snorkelling running each side of the bay. The initial entry is a bit rocky but then it gives way to a soft sandy bottom.

The beach is home to three resorts run by the same family, each have their own restaurants but it remains quiet and peaceful. It’s not the place to stay if you want easy access to lots of facilities, restaurants, bars and lively nightlife.

The road to the turn off for Aow Leuk is passable with care on a motorbike but once at the turn off it’s strongly advised to park your bike and continue on foot. The road down is a sandy, gully ridden track. If you are unsure, just grab a taxi which will take you down to the beach without a problem. Don’t forget to arrange your return trip though!


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