Fun Diving

Diving here gets cheaper the more you do ! And the more you do – the more fun you will have! We provide an experienced and knowledgable dive master or instructor to lead your dives and show you the marine life. We guarantee a maximum of four fun divers per leader too !

  • 1 -3 dives 1000 baht each.
  • 4 -6 dives 900 baht each.
  • 7 -9 dives 800 baht each.
  • 10+ dives 700 baht each.

Price includes full equipment rental (excl. dive computer) and dive leader.

Dive Computers can be hired for 100 baht each for 2 dive trip.

Torches can be hired for 300 baht per night dive.

Eanx is available for those certified for 400 baht per tank.

Camera Hire is 1500Baht.

Please Note… that if you have not dived for 6 months or more then you must complete a Scuba Review. This will refresh the key points of your dive theory, equipment set up and all the skills and techniques learnt in your open water course. The theory portion takes less than an hour, the skills portion can usually be completed in the time of one dive which means that on a 2 dive trip you will have the opportunity to do a fun dive too. The in water portion can also be completed in a swimming pool or off the beach too so that it can be tailored to suit your time. The Scuba Review cost 1,500B.

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