Koh Tao Scuba Diving Lessons

  • Don’t like laying on the beach ? Wanna do something different? How about breathing underwater?
  • See the hustle and bustle of reef life as depicted in Finding Nemo – fish really do go to a car-wash like cleaning stations – come and see for yourself!
  • Gain access to the other 7/10ths of the planet and be amazed !

This could be you !

Diver and Turtle on Koh Tao

Learning to dive is simple and fun! Don’t worry if you are a little nervous – this is perfectly natural, we will take the course at your pace, building your confidence and helping you relax.

Here are some of our recent students who all successfully learnt to dive – congratulations!

Having Fun   Allister and Jessica
Catherina and Leanne   Claudia and Cyrille

Small Groups and Unhurried Tuition
We specialise in small groups, never taking more than four people unless you request it! We can provide private and one on one tuition too.

If you learn to dive at a big dive school, you can find there is pressure to rush you through your course to make way for the next group. We will take time to explain the theoretical concepts that you need to know to learn to dive. Gradually we will take you from water waist deep to the wide open ocean teaching you all the techniques you need along the way!

What you will do

The course takes place over 4 days and includes 4 dives within it. You’ll also do some theory to learn about how to dive safely and have the most fun!


  • You begin in very shallow water to learn the basic techniques.
  • 2 dives (12m max) to build your confidence and practice what you have learnt.
  • 2 dives (18m max) will consolidate your learning and get you fish spotting.


  • Learnt from videos, your accompanying book and from us.
  • Knowledge reviews & quick quizzes solidify these simple underwater principals.
  • A final exam tests your knowledge – you’ll be amazed by how much you have learnt.

Here is just an example of how we can schedule a course.

Day 1
Starts in the afternoon with a few videos and some basic knowledge development.
Day 2
In the morning we will review the concepts from yesterday and learn how to assemble SCUBA equipment.
The afternoon is spent in shallow water learning skills you will need on every dive, after mastering these, we will progress to your first dive.
Day 3
The morning is spent progressing your theoretical knowledge.
Back into the water in the afternoon to learn skin diving techniques and a few more SCUBA exercises and dive number 2.
Day 4
Today you will put everything you have learnt into practice and complete your course, making your final 2 dives and excelling on your final exam.

The Price of 9800 Thai Baht includes

  • A range of accommodation options from only 400tbh per night.
  • Scuba diving tuition by an experienced and professional instructor.
  • All your training dives.
  • All scuba gear hire.
  • Tea, coffee, water and light refreshments on the boat.
  • Your PADI Open Water manual.
  • Your Open Water certification card.
  • Collection from the pier on arrival.

Your Own Private Diving Instructor
We have often had requests for private tuition for one person or for them and their partner. As independent instructors we are happy to be able to guarantee this for a small surcharge.

  • Single student to single instructor – 12500 Thai Baht – including all of the above.
  • Two students to single instructor – 11125 Thai Baht – including all of the above

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