Mae Haad Town

Mae Haad is the main town on Koh Tao, where you’ll arrive and depart from and this makes it an ideal base for exploring the island. Everything you need is here, if it’s not then the island doesn’t have it. Close to everywhere, a short walk or quick taxi ride will have you wherever else you want to be quick-smart!

Beach in Mae Haad

Stroll south along the beach front and you will find a deserted little beach area, explore a little further and you will find the tranquillity of Jansom Bay. Taxis are easily picked up for a day out to other beautiful quiet beaches, try Aow Leuk, Shark Bay or Rocky Bay. Sairee is the main beach and is in easy walking distance too.

Main Road   Beach Side
Long Tails   Welcome

Mae Haad is home to a wide range of bars and restaurants but tends to be quieter at night than Sairee. Try the cocktails at Dragon Bar, enjoy the view from Cloud Nines roof top terrace, pizza from Farango’s, tickle your taste buds at Whitening or enjoy Irish hospitality at Dirty Nellies! And if you want to dance the night away, Sairee’s close by.

View our motorbike video tour which takes you through the 2 main streets of Mae Had.

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