Master Scuba Diver Trainer

  • Wanna increase your work prospects?

A Master Scuba Diver Trainer is an instructor who can teach a minimum of 5 speciality courses. This will improve your range and employability as an instructor.

This program has a both a practical and internship components.

  • You will be taught the skills and techniques of teaching your chosen five speciality courses.
  • You will be given practical teaching experieince by accompanying experienced instructors and gaining feedback to improve your techniques.
  • Whilst learning with experienced instructors you will work towards the 25 certifications required to apply for your MSDT rating.

Learn from greatly experienced instructors.
The instructors taking part in your professional training have in excess of 20 years experience. They have certified many students, run and owned dive centres, worked as guides and instructors. They’ve taken part in underwater exploration for long lost deep ship wrecks and are experienced technical divers and instructors too. We have an equipment specialist as well as a published photography and videography specialist too. They know their stuff. You will have the opportunity to learn from every instructor you work with meaning that you will get a diverse experience and exposure to different teaching styles too.

Smaller and Personalised.
We are part of a smaller school on Koh Tao with a friendly atmosphere and specialise in personal training. This means that during your MSDT you will be working with instructors who are teaching small groups meaning that they will have the time to feedback and work to develop your skills aswell. You will actually get hands on teaching expereince rather than just helping with the logisitics of teaching.

What you will do
Initially you will be asked to teach portions of a course with instructor supervision and feedback. The more you develop, the more responsibility you will get, leading to some solid hands on work experience. You will teach courses in tandem with an experienced instructor as you work towards gaining the 25 certifications required for your MSDT application.

You will take part in a micro instructor development course which will encompass theoretical portions and in-water skill development so that you can confidently teach your chosen specialities.

Although you need 25 certifications, your can take as much or as little time completing your internship as you wish!

Who can do it?
In order to enter this course you must be a PADI Instructor..

Which specialities can I choose?

  • Deep – em>you will be taught techniques by expereinced deep divers.
  • *Nitrox -this is the most popular and fastest growing speciality.
  • Wreck -you will learn your skills from a true wreck discoverers..
  • *Gas Blender -this crucial skill will be highly valued in any dive centre.
  • Navigation – learn the tips for student success.
  • Night -increase your earning potential by increasing dive opportunities.
  • Search and Recovery –
  • Computer and Multilevel
  • *Equipment candidates must ……
  • *D.P.V.
  • *Digital Underwater Photography
  • *Underwater Videography
  • * – may incur a supplment – please see note below.

    Costs payable to us!
    MSDT Internship and Instructor Development Course 25,000 TBH
    This includes a

    • Your MDST Instructor training.
    • Your MSDT Internship and feedback.
    • a full day Wreck Diving Trip on which your Deep and/or Wreck skills can be completed.
    • A technical diving taster dive – get the kit on and have a go.

    Costs payable to PADI!

    • Each Speciality Application AU$67
    • MSDT Application AU$90.

    Any Extras?

  • Nitrox -if you have not completed the student level then this will be an extra xxxxx B.
  • Gas Blender -to complete both student and instructor leve will cost an extra xxxxB, if you already have the student level the a xxxx B fee will be applied.
  • Equipment a supplement of xxxxx will be applied for xxxxx
  • Digital Underwater Photography supplement for hire and photo specialist.
  • Underwater Videography supplement for hire and video specialist.
  • D P V supplement for hire.

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