Sairee Beach and Village

Sairee Village is a hive of activity at any time of the day. Teaming with bars, restaurants, shops, travel centres and internet cafes, you may never choose to leave until your ferry does. Our favourite hangouts are Morava, watching the sport in Choppers, celebrating a special occasion in Papa Tapas or enjoying the food Portobello style.

Sairee Beach is the islands main and busiest beach but with around 1 km of sandy relaxation you’re not going to be fighting for space.

Sairee beach is so long it’s better viewed by video.

Any of the bars along here are great to watch sunset, you’ll find us at Vibe or Fizz and there are many restaurants to choose from on the beach. If you wanna keep partying then just head south along the beach towards Mae Haad and you’ll stumble upon many late night open air beach front bars that keep the beat going ’til the early hours.

Sairee Sunset   Sairee Beach By Night
Sarong Lady   Sairee Shopping

A pathway runs parallel to the beach leading from Sairee all the way through to Mae Had. Locals call this the yellow brick road, it’s littered with shops, restaurants and bars. To show you the sights, we took a hilarious ride with the camera on the motor bike. Watch out for the girl who steps in front of the bike.

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