Scuba Diving Lessons For Kids

Diving is a great activity for the whole family and will keep the family holiday alive and cool well into their teens. Koh Tao is a fun place to bring the family and Thailand will be a fabulous cultural experience too.

Scuba Kid

Kids will have a huge amount of fun, have an experience they will never forget and actually enjoy learning some physics, biology and maths without even realising it. Scuba diving will teach children responsibility, discipline and awareness of the environment and they’ll love it!
8-9 year olds.
The Bubblemaker Experience, gets your water babies into a little scuba kit and into very shallow water (2m max). Just for fun, they’ll get to do what the big kids do, blow some bubbles and breathe underwater. We can arrange for a photographer to capture these moments too.


10-11 year olds
At this age kids can earn their a open water licence but are restricted to a maximum of depth of 12m until they turn 12 years old. In our experience, some children at this age have problems with the theory and it no longer becomes fun for them. It’s dependant on the child but we often recommend completing the PADI Scuba diver course instead. This is half of the open water course – it’s still a licence but restricted to 12m and diving with a professional – which is all they are going to do initially anyway. The course can be topped up later to the full open water course.

A Discover Scuba Dive is a great way to test the waters with the whole family, this takes just half a day. Available from 10yrs upwards, we include a little theory and an explanation of the equipment, some practice time in very shallow water to get used to everything and then when you are ready we proceed to make a shallow dive. It’s not a licence but a fabulous experience and some families choose repeat this experience a few times during their holiday.

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